Who’s looking ? Who’s learning ?

satellites look downI read somewhere recently that there are over 70 million blogs out there (here ?) on the web. They range from the highly technical and esoteric to the utterly ridiuculous and meaningless. Where does mine fall on that scale ? I don’t know… that’s for the reader to decide. I know it is proving helpful for people to keep track of my running exploits.

One strange (and flattering) observation is how many of my erstwhile family keep returning to find out what I am doing. At least I tell myself it’s because they still have an interest rooted in pride in what I have acheived… mmmmmmm perhaps not though :-) Hey, it’s a free world so come as often as you wish and I hope you find what you need.

Still, I have found quite a few runners out there visiting and learning from some of the stuff I share. I have had quite a few questions since I started…everything from Yassos to shoes to hydration to… well you get the idea.


~ by John Rankin on Mar 21, 2006.

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