New Shoes

Brooks Adrenaline GTS-5After my Sunday run I decided it was time to figure out if the current shoes were ready to be retired… I took 2 pairs of shoes with me this evening to The Centre. Both Brooks GTS-5s. I started out on the old ones for about 1.5 miles, but it was quickly clear that the aches and twinges I had felt on Sunday were still there – esp on the left leg/knee. I did a quick change into the new shoes and… totally different ! In the old shoes each step could be felt all through the leg and they were clearly “harder” or “louder”. Almost immediately I was able to run more easily and felt better. A change had been overdue. Surprised at how quickly they seem to have worn out. Still, unlike previous training periods where I would alternate between 2 different types, I have used one pair exclusively this time so they have never had any chance to “rest” or recover.

After I changed it was instantly obvious that there was a huge improvement. The new shoes were much more supportive across the heels and arches and had a lot more spring in them. The strangest thing I noticed was how much quieter they were. When the guy on the next treadmill stopped, leaving only me running, my pace was extremely quiet – almost silent.

The good news is that the Brooks GTS-5 are sill the best shoes I have used so far – very comfortable and I know I can get another pair down at Auburn Supermall (Brooks outlet store). The bad news ? It seems that on my feet with my running (pace/style/weigh/etc) they seems to have a life of about only 280 miles (or about 10 weeks of running). Wow… that would mean getting 5 pairs per year. Not so good for my bank account :-)


~ by John Rankin on Mar 15, 2006.

One Response to “New Shoes”

  1. That’s awesome that you can still find the Brooks’ 5’s. I am running in the GTS 6’s now and I like them a lot. I have heard mixed reviews about this update, but I think they are very similar to the GTS-5’s.

    I also go through shoes fast!

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