Is it summer already ?

Look how nice and summery it was after the run...

Last weekend’s running was so pleasant. It felt like summer again However, today’s stormy, snowy evening run brought me back to reality. If I didn’t have my sunglasses on Sunday… I would have had a permanent frown etched onto my sweet visage :-)

I woke early on Sunday to a bright, crisp sunny day – I should have started right away as it warmed up quite a bit by mid-run at noon… It was the longest one so far and too long for just a water bottle carried by hand, so I filled the backpack wih 32 ounces of Ultima. This was the third run using that drink insead of Gatorade/Powerade and by the time I returned to the treefarm gate I was feeling great with NO signs of the problems I had before.

I added a few 1-mile “out-n-backs” to the standard run to the Highway 18 overpass, and afer reaching the farm, just capped off the day with a final 2 mile loop to the gas station down at 312th St.

Main observations of the Sunday run (and this evening’s 4 miles) – my current Brooks shoes have taken a pounding. Been carrying me every mile since Christmas and they may be starting to break down. Second… the shoulders on the roadside here seem to be more curved/cambered. It puts a lot of stress on the legs to be consantly compensating for that sideways “slope”… between that and the shoes getting close to being “done”, I need to take more care as I run so I don’t pick up an injury in these last 5 or 6 weeks before New Mexico.


~ by John Rankin on Mar 14, 2006.

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