Running and living accomodate each other

124th Ave

I ran so much last year and in 2004… probably 2500 miles in those 2 years. I have followed the training plans (slightly modified) that I liked the look of in Runner’s World. However, my life was settled before, had a structure and consistency which allowed me the luxury of adhering to the schedule of distances, dates and run types. I don’t have that anymore and seeing my daughter when it’s best for her is now something that is now a new priority that needs to be accomodated.

I still am guided by the 16-week plan. Still shooting for the right miles and the right mix/types. Now life has new (or at least reframed) priorities, I am getting used to a more flexible approach to my schedule. “Duhhh” I can hear you say, but in the first weeks of 2006, I realized that a big change in your life can all too easily become a reason to simply cut out running opportunities.

I enjoy it too much to let that happen. Now I am seeing a new benefit of having my excel file plan/log on the PC. It allows me to replan my miles and run types in a more timely manner. It makes it easier to swap days and distances to keep from swinging too wildly between high and low mileage days or weeks.

I know some people might see it as being a bit much, but it’s a carryover lesson learned from work. We say “what gets measured… gets done” and there’s nothing like seeing it in black n white or pictures to keep you honest.

~ by John Rankin on Mar 9, 2006.

One Response to “Running and living accomodate each other”

  1. so proud of your running achievements – I know you enjoy it and thats what counts – but remember don’t overdo it – love following your schedule here in Glasgow

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