Laundry affects training schedules

For a while now, I have been living over in Auburn at the treefarm. It’s peaceful, comfortable and now very much home… At the beginning of the week the water line popped a leak – a big one – rivers in the driveway, puddles by the porch. A significant side issue was the need to take very quick showers (then a sprint to the pumphouse to turn off the supply) and no washing machine.

When you are on a schedule, running 5 or 6 days a week with an average run distance of 6 miles. When those runs are not just easy jogs but quick-paced or even interval runs with sprints, the gear you wear gets used up fast. Well, sooner or later you are bound to get to the bottom of the shorts/socks/shirts pile in the drawer and last night was that time. I know I’m dedicated but did I really want to run in clothes that have already been around the block (literally) once this week ? Ummmmmm, nope.

John took shovel in had and began to dig. I dug a big hole where the wettest, bubbliest spot had been in the driveway. Presto ! The leak was found – a split pipe. Erik got it fixed this morning and I was saved :-) I cleaned clothes this morning like a little washerwoman… 3 loads later I was smelling like a spring morning.

Oh, and running ? Yes, I almost forgot… I’m in week number 9, with just over 7 to go until Albuquerque – the first “long” week and I’ll get 40 – 45 miles in this week. All long runs, including this Sundays 16 miler, will be done with Ultima (drink) to make sure I get used to that. Also, most running will be done with the HRM to get me used to running in that “window” of optimum effort.


~ by John Rankin on Mar 2, 2006.

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