What to drink on long runs and races

Last November I wrote the “Billious in Boise” blog entry. Last night I think I may have figured out what it was – Powerade. As well as being the official drink of that race, I used some yesterday to keep me hydrated during my evening workout – warm-up/5 x Yasso/cool-down. By the time I was on the last Yasso repeat and the subsequent 2 mile jog, my stomach was gurgling like Old Faithful.

I have bounced between Gatorade, Gatorade Endurance and Ultima – and Powerade very infrequently. I have experienced the digestive issues with Gatorade only slightly and never when I use Ultima. The difference would appear to be that the mainstream drinks are carbohydrate based energy drinks really and need to be digested in the normal mannerI suppose. Ultima, which is sold in powder packets/tubs, is very low in carbs and is truly an electrolyte replacement drink when mixed into water. My experience leads me to conclude that I am going to avoid relying on the sugar-based energy drinks and concentrate on staying hydrated with Ultima.

What to do about glycogen levels during long runs ? How to avoid running out of energy at mile 20 ?

– make sure you are well nourished before the race
– small, regular intakes of gu type energy gel packs
– train to run at the optimum fat-burning heart rate (get a heart rate monitor)

Ultima Concentrate        Check it out at the Ultima website


~ by John Rankin on Feb 22, 2006.

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