No Hi-Alt training so I’ll do quicker Yasso 800s

I have to come up with some strategies for preparing to run in the higher altitude of Albuquerque. The ideal training would be to spend some time (preferably weeks) running in the mountains, etc. However, not being a sponsored athlete or independently wealthy, I will have to figure out some alternatives.

My theory (like a high school science project, huh ?) is that if I step up the intensity and tempo of training runs, then I might raise the cardiovascular fitness enough to partially compensate. On all my short easy runs and on the Long weekend runs I have shaved 10 seconds per mile off the usual pace. Also, I have upped the pace on the Yasso 800 exercises. Instead of 7:00 repeats I am doing 6:45/6:50 half mile repeats – and quite comfortably too :-) BTW, if you haven’t heard of the Yasso 800 technique click here for an explanation.

I am avoiding the temptation of simply banking extra miles and focusing on this slightly higher intensity on all runs on the 16-week calendar. With 9 weeks until the Fiesta de Albuquerque, I’ll see if I can maintain this increase and have to wait until April 22 to see if it helps :-)


~ by John Rankin on Feb 17, 2006.

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