Some people ask “how do you do it ?”

The HoboThey mean “how can you get to all those marathons ?”… “Isn’t it expensive ?… airline tickets, hotels and all ?” Well the simplistic answer would be – you can’t – yes – yes… of course. I did say it was simplistic :-)

But hey, I am only up to 5 so far and confined to the West coast for the most part has been the easy bit. It will of course take more planning and more $$ when I have to travel to the reeeeeeaally outa the way places. But then, that will just be my problem, won’t it ?

Let’s see. Olympia was a short 1 hour drive from home and a small overnight room with the family…. hmmmmmm…. let’s call that cheap. Portland was a slightly longer train ride away… still cheap, lol. Hey we are 2 for 2 on the responsible scale. Boston was admittedly a few precious $$ more for the airline etc, but with a big family “rah rah” I was encouraged to go – sharing a room with other racers. Wasn’t that cool ? San Diego ? Well, how could I resist taking a morning out of our family vacation to Seaworld to go running there. Wow, looks like I am 3 for 4…. good boy !!!! I am really proud of the Boise run on the cheapskate scale… $39 each way Southwest special & a $70 room :-)

I can hear you all now. “So Albuquerque must be your downfall, John…” Naaaaahhhhh, the SW Airlines ticket was left over from an aborted Vegas trip last November (just like Boise)… bummer, huh ? Ya can’t ever get your money back so it’s gotta be used… not my fault, but gimme lemons and I’ll make lemonade.

So yes it can be done – and for a lot less than people think. It just takes planning, cheap travel, cheaper hotels and combining the races with previously arranged family days out or vacations. So the next time someone questions the “high cost”… just send them here to find out how.

~ by John Rankin on Feb 13, 2006.

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