Change is good – embrace it

The first 4 weeks of my buildup to Albuquerque has flown by. The passing of my dad and the trip home for the funeral forced me to take quite a few extra days off from my usual running intensity. It has been good for me though… given my body a much needed recovery period and an opprtunity to reflect.

Well, now I have a new running locale – the country roads of East Hill in Auburn. I am staying across the Green River valley for a short time. Crashing at Erik’s place is different. More flat, asphalt roads with nice long straightaways. Fewer sidewalks. Living in the middle of a Christmas Tree farm – I can hear the birds singing…

Lastly, since the turn of the year I have been running exclusively in a pair of Brooks GTS5s… Great shoes, very comfortable. Can anyone explain why “they” always discontinue a shoe just when youi find it is perfect for you ?

My other car is a... ?


~ by John Rankin on Feb 1, 2006.

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