Glasgow drizzle seems easier to bear

Rainy GlasgowThe first time I have been able to (or felt like it) run since I heard about my father. It is a chilly grey day here in Glasgow and soon after I started, a light rain/drizzle started. It was welcome as it kept me cool as I ran.

Strange to run in a city street environment, in a european city after so many miles in suburban USA… Getting used to more traffic. Getting used to different crosswalks. Getting used to traffic on the left side of the road. It all was a challenge. I am also guessing running may be less common here… judging from all the looks I seemed to get from people at bus stops. Still, it was fun and even relaxing.

5 miles in the Glasgow rain. After having to forgo Houston, I “reset” my 16 week training plan to a 1/2/06 start to prepare for the inaugural Fiesta de Albuquerque marathon in April. I will post more detailed entries as I work towards that, so watch this space to see how I progress.

BTW, pictures of this guy in Glasgow to follow…


~ by John Rankin on Jan 10, 2006.

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