My Dad

… was not a runner. He had only heard of my exploits, my races, my “conversion” from couch potato to pseudo athlete. He had seen pictures of me from races and had told me how impressed he was by how good I looked since last he saw me in May 2002. he was happy with what running had done for me and always joked with me about it when we spoke on the phone. My hope was that he would see me finish in the 2006 Edinburgh Marathon and we could celebrate afterwards.

I was always proud of him – how hard he worked, how much he laughed, loved us. Although I often hid it as a teenager, I regarded everything he said so highly and gladly was guided by the things he taught me – even now at the age of 48…. I loved him.

He passed away in Scotland today while I was running my last long run before Houston. Now I will go home to see him one last time, easily foregoing my Texas race, preferring to be with him to say goodbye.

Dad and me (June 2002) 


Robert McDermid Rankin. Sep 7, 1933 – Dec 31, 2005. He was my Dad.


~ by John Rankin on Dec 31, 2005.

2 Responses to “My Dad”

  1. Dear John, I am so very sorry to hear about the passing of your father. I wish you all the best as you tackle ABQ marathon. The pictures of the “Old” and “new” you are amazing! Wow! What an accomplishment!!

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your dad. I’ve been following your blog online since I live in Houston and will be running on the 15th. Just like you will be missing your dad, we will miss you in 2 weeks. Family is always more important than any race – I’m sure your dad was so proud of you.

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