Four years later…

Today is the first day of the holiday but still being a weekday, I still was up with the alarm. So in this cold, dark christmas vacation morn I went for a run. Just a short one – 3 miles. It cleared my head from all the hassle and grief which is breaking like waves around me. Also…. it was just the right number to get me to 1500 miles for 2005.

While I was in this reflective mood, I looked for (and found) a picture of yours truly at a BBQ back in fall of 2001. That was just before I decided that while round was indeed a shape, it was not the one I wanted to be anymore. That’s why in christmas 2001 I started on the journey that finds me capable of calmly preparing for the Houston marathon in 06 and more across the US besides.

So, check the “old me” and “new me” out… and decide which is better. If you needed an Ad to convince you that running is a positive experience… this would be one :-)

The new me          The Old Me



~ by John Rankin on Dec 23, 2005.

One Response to “Four years later…”

  1. You never cease to amaze and inspire me

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