The slacking continues

It’s Monday and I feel human again – first time in a week… I missed another long, slow run yesterday but I know it was the right thing to do so I don’t push too hard in this crappy weather. It’s just about 5 weeks to go until I run in Houston and I will get plenty of good miles in before I jet off to TX. It will be a “fun” marathon – I will get the best time I can but the main thing for this one is to enjoy the event, the crowd and the weather down on the Gulf coast.

The next one in the planning stage is the Valley of the Sun marathon in Mesa, AZ… Perfect timing at March 12. Spring training will be on too… the perfect set of events. Yippppeeeeeee.

~ by John Rankin on Dec 12, 2005.

One Response to “The slacking continues”

  1. John, We’ll look forward to you coming to Houston and we certainly hope that our city puts on a great show – and marathon – for you! Keep an eye out on for the location of the Houston Running Bloggers Pre-Marathon Pasta Party. I think it is going to be on Friday night … not sure when you are getting in … but if you are in in time, would be great to have a “running” blogger from another part of the country to join us. Jon

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