Billious in Boise

Just back in T-town this evening after the Boise run. didn’t set a PR… ran 3hr 39min, close but nine minutes out of a it… but it was a blast all the same.

Overcast and cool, it was perfect running weather. Then mile 10 happened. The heavens opened with a vengeance – great hurkin’ raindrops then a hailstorm (owweeee). We were literally splashing through the streets then squelching for an hour afterwards. That never cost me any time. However, at mile 12 – for about 6 more – I was struck with some terrible, even painful…. ahem… “gas”. It was alternating between painful and merely uncomfortable, but still I know I was running slower as a result. Must have been something in pre-race food or race-eve meal. I gotta find out…

I finished 10th in age group and in the top 20 percent overall. The City of Trees Marathon is awesome. A great course, excellent volunteers, friendly crowd and a beautiful city and scenery backdrop. I will go back and run it again :-)


~ by John Rankin on Nov 6, 2005.

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