So, if I ran in a straight line…

… due East of Brown’s Point, WA for the distance I have trained so far in 2005 – I would be treading water !

This morning’s 4 mile sprint repeats took me up to a grand total of 1306 miles so far. That translates into 43.52 degrees of longitude (see kids, paying attention in geometry and trig can pay off 30 years later, haha). Figuring Brown’s Point Lat/Long at 47.3N/122.4W… my long run east takes me (in)to the western end of Lake Superior. I guess I would probably have taken a slight right though and would be in northern Wisconsin really :-)

How far did I go ?

Seriously though, Boise is only 5 days away. Feeling good and have done all that I can do to prepare. The only things I can’t control are the weather (forecast is favorable) and the altitude (2800 ft) which will be a negative for me. Other wise, I’m ready. Next post – Sunday night.

~ by John Rankin on Nov 1, 2005.

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