Blue skies… need shades

Up at 6am (dark o’clock) to run another 20 miler to Tacoma & back. Starting at 7am it was still dark enough to be worried about traffic – even for a quiet Sunday morning. I used my yellow dayglo shell jacket, but as soon as I had sidewalk available that was off – too warm…

It was cool, dry and less traffic than last time. Strange observation – I have 2 pairs of NB 765s… 1 red/black & 1 blue/yellow. The b/y ones were comfortable all the way, compared to the r/b ones that keep niggling at my upper right foot. In fact, the same as the last pair of r/b 765s that I used for Boston. There must be something about that shoe last that doesn’t agree with my foot…

The out n back was just under 3:00:00 for just under 21 miles total. 3 x GU packs, 40 Oz of Ultima.


~ by John Rankin on Oct 25, 2005.

2 Responses to “Blue skies… need shades”

  1. keep on running, dad. i bet i could out-skate you though. take some pictures of these places, will you? sounds like you’re running in some places with decent scenery.

  2. I wish John would stop running – away

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