First long week

44 miles done in seven days… 18 today… week 10 over. Still it feels better than previous build-ups. 356 of 518 done (actually ahead of the schedule)

I’m rotating through NB765s and Brooks GT5s… and I think I am leaning towards racing in the Brooks in November. They feel more cushioned. Using Ultima for hyrdation on long runs (hope that’s what used in Boise), but also have been using Gatorade Endurance.

Today out n back to IHOP (9 mi @ 8:40s), change shirt at home, out n back to Dumas Bay (9 mi @ 8:50s). Felt relaxed, feet good. Working on keeping my pace length short/quick – feels easier. Drank 40 oz on the run. Post run shower… ended with about 10 mins of cooooooold on my legs (Runners World Oct) man they felt good for the rest of the day – that was a good tip.


~ by John Rankin on Sep 25, 2005.

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